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Common Questions and Appropriate Answers during Job Interviews

Both a job interview and a resume give an employer a glimpse of the applicant. The resume is the document. The job interview is face to face. Passing the job interview is a crucial step in landing a job. Interviews involve question and answer. How well the applicant answers the question will guide the employer in deciding if he is the best candidate for the job. The applicant must have an idea what the common questions are during job interviews. Here are some of them:

Tell me about yourself
Answer: During the interview, the employer may have already scanned your resume. Do not repeat information contained there already, unless absolutely necessary. Share experiences that have shaped or molded your character. Tell them about experiences that are related to the job position you are applying for.

What are your weaknesses?
Answer: Weaknesses are considered negative unless you find a way to turn them around. These need to be addressed because they may become liabilities. Therefore, make sure that for every identified weakness, you are able to address it so that it becomes a strength. Provide solutions to your weaknesses and turn them into strengths. Never refuse to answer any question about yourself. This may tell them that you do not really know yourself – what you are good at and what you need to improve on. This may also suggest that you are not confident about yourself. As mentioned, make sure your resume contains an evidence how you have transform your weaknesses into strengths.

Why did you choose to apply in this company?
Answer: The question is why not how. Do not anymore provide a litany of how you came across the job opening. For example, “I opened the newspaper then I saw your ad, then.” Also, do not express how this job can make you a better individual. It should focus on the company. Stress that the qualities of the employee they are seeking for meets your qualifications. Tell them you are the right candidate for it, and that you are capable. Relate how all your achievements make you fitting for the demands of the job. Match your qualifications to the qualifications of the job position you are seeking. Pinpoint how the company’s goals and your goals align.

5 years-10 years from now, how do you see yourself in this company?
Answer: You might say that by that time you would have had promotions and that you have acquired lots of knowledge. You can include that you have sharpened your skills through and through. You might also say you will be ready in handling, training, and managing some people of lower rank. You can even say you have contributed a lot to the assets, profits, and stability of this company. Or that you’re helping in solving the problems or eliminating the threats the company has encountered.

What are your expectations of this company?
Answer: You might give some of the things you want the company to offer you (helpful training, fair treatment, just payroll, honest transactions, possible promotion, and etc.). You may include that you expect them to fulfill their vision, mission, philosophy, and that you will work hand in hand with them in achieving the company’s goals.

Why do you think this company will hire you?
Answer: You might answer: I’m the best one for the job because I have the skills you are looking for. I have a pleasant attitude and personality that contributes to your already favorable working environment. I always look for opportunities on how I can help the company. I may have some weaknesses but I am ready to be corrected. I learn and adjust easily. I will endeavor to make this company succeed. I will rise above mediocrity and make a difference.

What are your strengths?
Answer: Whatever your strengths are, be sure to be very specific. For example, “punctual” – tell them you were never late, you had perfect attendance award of some sort. Make sure you highlight why you think your strengths are strengths. For example, “Being punctual is a good way to manage time. It helps me to be productive and disciplined.” It is also helpful if you present how your strengths brought major contributions to your former work, and how it will contribute to the development of the current company you are applying in. You may present your achievements and rewards not to the point of boasting but enough to emphasize the talents, skills or gifts you possess. You should make sure you have back-up evidence of your accomplishments in your resume.

What is your expected salary?
Answer: You should research on the standard rates of the position you are applying for and work within that range. Be realistic. Do not demand for more especially if you are an entry-level employee.